Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster Will Not Seek Re-Election

After a long, destructive year for the Maine Republican Party, it would appear that there is finally a ray of sunshine for the Party. Charlie Webster, the divisive chairman who has regularly dropped the ball all year, has announced he will not seek re-election. In a letter to State Committee members today, he revealed that the December meeting will be focused on leadership changes, of which he will not be apart of.

Here is the letter:

To: Members of State Committee

From: Charlie Webster

As you know the next scheduled meeting of the State Committee will be held on Saturday December 1.

This meeting will have a limited agenda and it’s sole purpose will be election of the Party Leadership.

For those interested in seeking the position of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, or Secretary please contact Michelle at Party Headquarters and she will forward any information you would like to the membership.

I will not be seeking re-election as Chairman.

I want to thank all of you who worked diligently for the Maine G.O.P. and supported our candidates at all levels.

I very much appreciate having had the opportunity serve as your Chairman and to fight for the conservative principals that we hold dear.

I much appreciate the support and friendships that have resulted in my tenure as the Chairman and look forward to future election successes under the new party leadership.

On a final note, I am personally humbled by the many phone calls and emails that I have received over these past several days.

Thank You

See you on December 1st.


This is a major sigh of relief just days after the Republican Party crashed and burned. The legislative majority was lost and the federal candidates faced heavy defeat. This was the end result of a year of internal civil war where the party establishment regularly pushed away the grassroots and new activists. New hires like David Sorensen as communications director have created additional problems, because of his negative politicking and attack dog mentality.

As noted previously, there is already an internal power struggle ongoing for the position. Undercover Porcupine has previously covered it in “The Underground War For Maine Republican Chair.” It is unclear if any more names will throw their hat in, but time will tell. With the election now behind us, the time is now for Republicans to re-evaluate their direction, or else face losing more ground in the Legislature and blowing Governor LePage’s re-election in 2014.

Chris Dixon

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