Governor LePage Endorses Rich Cebra For Maine Republican Chair

After repeated speculation regarding the endorsement of Governor Paul LePage in the State Republican Chair race, it is finally confirmed that his support is behind Representative Rich Cebra of Naples. For quite some time now, the rumor has been floated among Republicans that his support was with the well-respected Naples State Representative, but nothing had been confirmed. The race has changed over time, with the entrance and exit of David Jones, as well as Representative Beth O’Connor entering the race. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, though nobody expected him to be endorsed, was Charlie Webster deciding not to run again.

A letter was sent out to the State Committee today declaring his support of Representative Cebra:

Dear Member of the Maine Republican State Committee,

I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well as we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

We have a lot for which to be thankful. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the greatest nation. We are a state where friends and family are important and where communities pull together to help in times of need. And, we are united in our belief that the Republican Party’s goals will make Maine a better place to create jobs and raise a family.

Elections come and go. What remains are the issues that bind us together. Liberty, free enterprise, a government which governs least truly governs best; these are bedrock principles which will allow Maine people to pursue their own dreams and achieve success. Our party’s beliefs are larger than one man or woman, one elected official or party elder.

To continue pursuing our goals and objectives we need leaders who will provide us the best structure possible with which to communicate our message.

That is why I am writing you to support Richard Cebra for Chairman of the Maine Republican Party.

Rich has a commitment to the grassroots, an understanding of the Legislative process, a core belief in small business which drives Maine’s economy and he strongly supports the principles which unite us. I hope you will join me in supporting him.

Ann and I thank you for your service on behalf of our Party and on behalf of the people of Maine.


Paul R. LePage

It comes as no surprise to many within the party who have heard these rumors since it was a three way race between Cebra, Jones, and Webster. Although some are surprised that the entrance of Representative O’Connor didn’t alter that, Governor LePage had made his pick some time ago. Those who know the Governor well enough and have since he entered politics know he is not a man to go back on his word. Now it is officially known to the State Committee, Governor Paul LePage is supporting Representative Cebra for Maine Republican Party chair.

Chris Dixon

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