Future Of The Ron Paul Revolution Round Table Discussion

Recently, I had the pleasure to join Common Sense Community Builders for a round table discussion on the topic of the future of the “Ron Paul Revolution.”

The Common Sense Community Builders is organized by Kevin Kervick, who also hosts Common Sense Tuesdays. Joining me that evening for the panel discussion was New Hampshire State Representative Seth Cohn and Todd Puterbaugh, founder of Seacoast Liberty.

Ahead of the panel discussion, I also wrote an article titled “The Future Of The Ron Paul Revolution“, where I tackled just this topic.

As that article noted in its conclusion, “the Ron Paul Revolution is here to stay for a very long time. As Ron Paul said at the Rally for the Republic in 2008, paraphrasing Victor Hugo, “an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.” This meaning the political paradigm shift is on.”

The liberty movement will continue forward within the Republican Party. This is not the entire extent of the liberty movement however, as some activists will work on other political parties like the Libertarian Party, or completely outside of political parties altogether. People will, and already are, running for office at all levels.

Freedom is alive and well in America. Ron Paul may be retiring, but the message of liberty is here to stay.

Chris Dixon

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Chris Dixon is a libertarian-leaning writer and managing editor for The Liberty Conservative. In addition to his political writing, he also covers baseball for Cleat Geeks and enjoys writing on a number of other topics ranging on Medium.