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The Penobscotgate Plot Thickens

“PENOBSCOTGATE” series- 1. “The Penobscot Heist” 2. “Penobscotgate” 3. “Maine GOP Chairman Responds To Penobscotgate” 4. “Two State Committeemembers Resign Over Penobscotgate” 5. “The Penobscotgate Plot Thickens” The Penobscotgate plot has indeed thickened. With the Maine Republican Party chairman threatening his State Committee with lawyers and only “non-binding” investigations arising from a significant controversy, more […]

Two State Committeemembers Resign Over Penobscotgate

The fallout from the “Penobscotgate” controversy continues. Yesterday, Undercover Porcupine released two revealing internal memos to the State Committee from Chairman Rich Cebra. In both, it displayed a real willingness to ignore the issue at hand. After threatening the State Committee with his lawyer, he agreed to assemble a panel to investigate the matter. The […]


Over a week has passed since Undercover Porcupine broke the news on a major issue within the Maine Republican Party, and a bit has changed. The answer is in on Ken Anderson’s appeal regarding the Penobscot election, although nobody had the decency to send Anderson the verdict. As was the trend all along, they refused […]