Monthly Archives: February 2014

Will Troy Jackson Call For Obama Impeachment?

Every party establishment loves a good boy. This is true of any power establishment that prefers drones over logical freethinkers. Both the Republicans and Democrats have many of these people. It’s what keeps politics shallow and unproductive. Recently, Troy Jackson proved he’s one of these reliable partisan hacks. A U.S. Department of Labor investigation by […]

The Importance Of The Republican Nomination Rules Changes

Not a lot has been said in the mainstream about the war over the new Republican National Committee rules governing the presidential nomination process. It has been an ongoing battle since the Mitt Romney presidential campaign lawyers, with the help of the Republican National Committee, hijacked the process in 2012 and muzzled the unruly, freethinking […]

Does the Republican Party own the Christian vote?

Starting today, liberty activist Matt McDonald will be writing semi-regular Sunday articles for Undercover Porcupine discussing topics related to liberty and Christianity. Here is Matt’s first article! -Chris — A brief look at the Republican Party, the Liberty Movement and their relationship to American Christians. By: Matt McDonald Does the Republican Party own the Christian […]