Are Liberty Activists Defrauding Maine GOP?

In an interesting online exchange, Sabattus Town Republican Chair Paulee Willette claimed that libertarian activists are registering Republican to steal money from the party because they “can’t rub two nickels together.”

The Facebook exchange began on an unrelated foreign policy post made by former Republican State Senator and Brakey For Senate campaign chair Lois Snowe Mello. Alex Titcomb, a liberty activist who has contributed to various campaigns such as Eric Brakey’s State Senate campaign, took a position against intervening abroad against Russia.

Chairwoman Willette’s response was that Titcomb doesn’t watch enough television.

Portland Republican activist Frank Rizzo then entered slamming Titcomb and the liberty movement for not being more open to intervention, as well as referring to Bangor Daily News as a “commie rag.” He then moved to accuse these individuals of not being united around the Republican Party and working against Maine Republican Chairman Rick Bennett.

Chairwoman Willette then responded by claiming the libertarian activists register Republican to steal dollars because they “can’t rub two nickels together.”

This is a serious accusation of fraud, one that she has refused to respond to. A request for clarification from Chairwoman Paulee Willette was rejected.

This sort of internal divisiveness led to the collapse in 2012 that has haunted the Republican Party since. Now as Maine enters the next critical election cycle, the party leadership seems more intent on repeating the mistakes of 2012 as opposed to emulating the success of 2010.

Requests for comment by the Maine Republican Party were not returned.

While the Democratic Party prepares for the coming cycle with mudslinging fear machines like the Maine People’s Alliance, the Maine Republican Party is focused on Maine Madness brackets while their leadership members launch serious accusations against party activists.

It is worth noting however that to this date, despite these serious accusations, no evidence exists of libertarian activists defrauding the Maine Republican Party.

Chris Dixon

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