The GOP’s Real Donald Trump Problem

Donald Trump has been causing a lot of problems. Ever since the controversial businessman invited himself to the party otherwise known as a “primary”, it has been chaos. Chaos largely because mainstream Republicans don’t like to be forced outside of their comfort zone.

The problem with partisan politics is it’s very controlled. Author Tom Woods likes to describe it as a three-inch range of acceptable thought, and anything on the outside is unacceptable. This is to a degree applicable to the Republican primary, which is finding itself in uncomfortable territory.

Trump has encountered criticism for past positions that include supporting various liberal policies. Valid points, but Republicans largely are more focused on other things. Of these things Republicans are most worried about is things the media tells them they need to be upset about. For the record, this is the same media often described by the right as being “liberal.”

Whenever Trump speaks, it’s not sugarcoated and manufactured to pass an inspection from the PC Police. This bothers uptight moderates and mainstream political types who prefer to keep things at an unexcited degree of simplicity.

The topic of the latest controversy? An attack on Senator John McCain, who himself is an example of everything that is wrong with Republican politics. While conservatives are sold a package wrapped up in fancy paper, the very heart of the prize is a box of big government glory.

That’s his politics. So his military service is off the table, right? Enter an intense level of discomfort.

Donald Trump said some things, to be sure. The media reported on it.

For the purpose of this article, the word “report” will be used to describe slight bias, simple-minded reporting, and deliberate framing of the conversation.

When the media presented their story, Republicans had two options here. The first option, and often the road less traveled, is to do some research and articulate a position based upon facts. The second option, their preferred route, is to enter a rigged arena and play by conditions as dictated by liberal opponents.

Republicans once again proved why conservatives are abandoning their party. The leaders who should be defending their own against butchered headlines and dishonest soundbites instead joining the pig pile. It’s disgraceful.

The mainstream media’s narrative is that Donald Trump said Senator John McCain isn’t a war hero. Did he say that? The beautiful thing about the information age is that the Internet allows us to find out quickly using some easily accessible resources, such as YouTube.

Information truly is a beautiful thing. Truly.

The conversation in question regarding Senator McCain began with Trump defending those Americans who were called “crazies” for being concerned about border security, a legitimate concern for Americans.

When Senator McCain was described as a war hero, Trump moved to note that he is generally known as a war hero because he got captured. Trump immediately clarified that he believes Senator McCain is a war hero, but simply being captured and tortured doesn’t make one a war hero.

To be clear, disrespecting POW’s is disgraceful. Those who serve honorably deserve respect for their service to our nation. With that said, for Senator McCain, the POW experience has become a political badge for him.

America was fortunate to reject Senator McCain when running for President, who is as much like Jimmy Carter as the terrible leader we were stuck with instead. Senator McCain believes in the Carter doctrine of arming Middle Eastern radical militants to fight tyranny.

Remember when we did that to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan? A few decades later, these militants flew two planes into the Twin Towers and blew a hole in the Pentagon.

A decade later, Senator McCain has criticized President Barack Obama for not forcing America to relive such a destructive policy. He was of the most vocal supporters in America of these rebel groups in the Middle East, stating we should have armed and trained them and early on.

Now we’re facing multiple incidents, including in Texas, where violence has occurred and ISIS takes responsibility for the madness. This is a great concern for residents, specifically who live on the unprotected border. These concerns are valid and just.

Senator McCain’s response? “Crazies.”

Again, to be clear, Senator McCain’s willingness to serve his nation and put on the uniform is an honorable act. For that, he deserves respect. But Trump’s point was to ignite a conversation regarding what defines a “war hero” and whether he qualifies. It’s a valid point. Conservatives would generally agree that simply putting on the uniform does not make one a war hero, because individuals like Bowe Bergdahl do exist, for example.

What could have been a deeper policy debate that would expose the liberal foreign policy as a failure, instead was a classic moment of Republican failure in caving to the opposition. Again. Because that’s what Republicans do best.

The major difference between Democrats and Republicans is their approach to their opponent. If a conservative entity or news outlet were to misquote or misrepresent the positions of a Democrat, Democrats would be all over it. Their response would be aggressive to expose what they perceived as incorrect.

When faced with liberal entities and news outlets doing the same to Republicans, the response is very different. Republicans grow weak, play into the liberal misrepresentation, and refuse to be combative in defense of the truth.

In the end, the Republican establishment isn’t doing itself any favors by allowing those who channel their inner-Jimmy Carter to win their party over. Their real problem with Donald Trump lies in the fact that he’s exposing this. But unfortunately, establishment Republicans have long been content simply being the other party, as opposed to the opposing party.

Chris Dixon

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