Monthly Archives: February 2016

Senator Marco Rubio sinks to new lows with childish attacks

A lot has been made of businessman Donald Trump’s conduct. Repeatedly, establishment Republicans will attack him for his insults, uncensored attacks, and absolute mockery of his opponents. As fears grow that Trump will indeed become the nominee, these outcries grow louder. The solution is to find an alternate who will contrast him. For the moderate […]

Is the GOP establishment preparing to divide it’s own vote?

Any Republican who was involved in the last presidential primary back in 2012 knows how party propaganda works. Once a candidate has been anointed as the frontrunner, either by choice of the powers-that-be or early voting states, it’s time to rally around them. Further divisiveness could splinter the party unnecessarily and leave the operation walking […]

What Governors Christie and LePage’s endorsements mean for Trump

The contentious presidential primary to this point has been a power struggle among ideologies. Businessman Donald Trump represents the disaffected and the angry. Senator Ted Cruz represents the evangelical wing of the party, though the evangelicals are shown to be shifting slowly towards Trump. Senator Marco Rubio represents the hawkish Republicans, as well as those […]

Will Governor LePage follow Governor Christie in endorsing Trump?

The announcement has just broken this afternoon that New Jersey Governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie has endorsed businessman Donald Trump for President. This could be seen as a big move, but not entirely surprising when looking at the reality of the race. Governor Christie has a straight shooting style that, regardless of his […]

Unanswered questions about Portland’s newly elected Mayor

There is always gossip in politics and each story represents a potential headline. Whether that headline gets reported or not, is an entirely different story. An interesting story broke yesterday from Chris Busby about Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling: Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling has separated from his wife, Mary Beeaker, whom he married in 2004, and […]