Monthly Archives: March 2016

If Senator Marco Rubio really wanted Donald Trump to lose, he would drop out

The desperation for an anti-Trump candidate is growing greater with time’s passing. The Republican nomination race is half way into March without a clear winner, although Donald Trump stands comfortably in the lead at this point. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, alongside a distant but persistent Governor John Kasich, are all vying for the […]

Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro’s resignations highlight the fall of Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart was an influential conservative writer who had his hand in some exposing major scandals. These reports resulted in various liberal figures and organizations being shown acting improperly, with one major example being Anthony Weiner and the sexting controversy. He also was an active early member as well. Breitbart launched a conservative news website […]

Is Senator Ted Cruz an outsider or establishment presidential candidate?

Reading the headline might leave some in disbelief for different reasons. Is Senator Ted Cruz an outsider? He’s a first term United States Senator who has alienated everyone and has yet to secure a single Senate endorsement. Businessman Donald Trump even has more Senate endorsements than him. How much clearer of an outsider definition can […]

Senator Angus King votes against stopping U.S. military aircraft sales to Pakistan

Pakistan, like a number of other Middle Eastern countries, have a shaky record. But this country in particular stands out. After the devastating attacks of September 11th that saw the loss of a few thousand American lives, the United States lost more soldiers lives attempting to avenge the fallen with the invasion of Afghanistan. But […]

Did ESPN boot football legend Mike Ditka from Sunday NFL Countdown over Donald Trump support?

In a surprise move, the nation’s leading sports network ESPN booted a legendary NFL player and coach from his role on Sunday NFL Countdown. Questions surround what led to the move, but additional questions now have been raised regarding the timing. Just days before, Mike Ditka had given an interview that involved some political statements. […]