Monthly Archives: April 2016

Why The Maine GOP should remove traditional marriage from their platform

Marriage can be a touchy topic in politics. Should homosexuals be able to engage in a legal relationship together, and live their lives with the benefits of a state recognized heterosexual couple? More often than not, this tends to be a partisan battle, with Democrats arguing in favor of same-sex marriage and Republicans arguing against. […]

The problem with Bruce Springsteen’s North Carolina protest concert cancellation

It’s almost become a bandwagon effort recently in recent weeks in response to disagreeable legislation: leave. At it’s face, it makes sense too. If a state is engaging in discriminatory behavior and feeding prejudice, why would someone want to do business there? It’s a battle that has involved a lot of businesses pulling out, because […]

How Anti-Gay Marriage special interests will destroy the GOP more than Donald Trump

The Republican Party has become a war zone and a lot is made of Donald Trump’s effect on the situation. Trump, a controversial businessman who has made donations to Democratic and Republican interests, has put the party leadership in an uncomfortable position with a series of heavy policy positions such as building a big Mexican-financed […]