The problem with Bruce Springsteen’s North Carolina protest concert cancellation

It’s almost become a bandwagon effort recently in recent weeks in response to disagreeable legislation: leave. At it’s face, it makes sense too. If a state is engaging in discriminatory behavior and feeding prejudice, why would someone want to do business there? It’s a battle that has involved a lot of businesses pulling out, because of legislation involving bathroom usage that puts transgender citizens in a bad position.

Legendary rock musician Bruce Springsteen has now added his name to the list of those boycotting North Carolina in response to the legislation.

And who could blame him?

The problem here is the emotional reaction to an issue which is going to do nothing to discipline the government. Is anyone running the show in North Carolina really going to care that Springsteen cancelled a concert? No.

But who will care? The new and longtime fans alike, who paid for Springsteen tickets and cleared their schedule for a night of good music.

To be fair to Springsteen, he does have a point. In his statement regarding the cancellation, he did say “some things are more important than a rock show.”

But again, the problem is this isn’t affecting those who should be feeling the effects: the government.

Springsteen ran from a fight. He should have showed up and drawn in the large crowds he used to. As he jams the night away playing his hits and capturing the attention of his many fans, take a moment to address the controversy. At that point, he would have had an enormous crowd of North Carolinians before him listening to what he had to say. From there, he decries the bathroom bill and takes a stand LGBT citizens. Everyone listens. As everyone listens and Springsteen allows the crowd to take in his outrage, he could then inspire them to reach out to their legislators and really motivate change.

Instead, we have a statement and a publicity stunt, which is doing nothing to change the situation in North Carolina. It essentially makes a good news story and Springsteen is going to spend a couple of days as a top trending topic in America on Facebook, but that’s it.

This sort of attention could still had been achieved had he given a speech at a concert, while still honoring his fans, and at the same time trying to motivate them to stand up for what he believes in.

Springsteen may make good music and his career has been enormous for rock n’ roll. But in terms of political activism here, The Boss dropped the ball.

Chris Dixon

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