Fake news is the new journalistic standard at the Boston Globe

The narrative is fairly solid at this point and Democrats agree with moderate and establishment Republicans for once. The topic is the continued rise of Donald Trump and the threat he poses to America. The premise is we’ve never before had a politician who uses violent rhetoric or has an abrasive personality. As a result, scared ruling Republicans and opportunistic Democrats are joining together to attack the disaffected Republicans advancing the controversial businessman.

And now the media has entered with a new journalistic low.

Modern journalism is a bit of an oxymoron in a lot of ways. There are certain things the mainstream media will not do and the national outlets all have an agenda. Fox News has a clear bias towards Republicans and MSNBC is in the bag for Democrats, while CNN tends to be liberal leaning as well. Sadly, it’s gotten to a point where it’s useless to even try and hide it.

The Boston Globe isn’t just biased at this point, though. It’s trying to outpace The Onion with good fake news, but the irony is The Onion tends to be more on the mark while not taking itself seriously. The Boston Globe thinks it’s performing some service to society while advancing fake news as a serious topic.

The date is “April 7th, 2017” in this fake headline reading “Deportations to begin.” The paper itself is filled with stories of deportations, riots, curfews, and soldiers refusing orders. Total chaos.

The fake headlines get even crazier with talk of Trump being on the Nobel prize shortlist, attacking Kid Rock with a made up quote, Yellowstone’s name being changed to Trump National Park, and an Education Secretary calling the press forward to discuss remaking Celebrity Apprentice with puppets.


Editor’s notes clearly state this is “Trump’s America”, but they’re wrong. This is the Boston Globe’s America. The Boston Globe is taking rhetoric to new highs by sinking it’s own journalistic standards. The publication is run by people who don’t take their job seriously.

And this is why people don’t trust the media.

The Boston Globe at least gets an A for effort, because it went to great lengths to get creative with it’s fake news full of absurd stories. Beyond that however, it gets straight Fs. Their journalistic standard is an absolute joke.

Chris Dixon

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