Monthly Archives: June 2016

After Associated Press nominated Hillary Clinton, Maine Democrat Party chair safe to endorse her

The Democratic Party has been undergoing a heated primary for months now between establishment favorite Hillary Clinton and grassroots favorite United States Senator Bernie Sanders. Beyond the standard tug-of-war between the top and the bottom of a party power structure, there has been a battle over superdelegates. In the Democratic Party, the superdelegates a special […]

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson open to pardoning Edward Snowden

The political climate in America in recent memory has never been so open minded. The Libertarian Party in the last election landed around one percent in the presidential race, with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson showing himself to be an attractive alternate to Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. In the time since, third […]

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol’s Never Trump secret weapon is underwhelming

The #NeverTrump movement has become quite vocal in the last few months. As the Republican primary continued forward, it became increasingly clear who the frontrunner was. Senator Rand Paul, the leading libertarian in the race, dropped out. Social conservative hero Dr. Ben Carson dropped out. Original establishment favorite Jeb Bush and the rising star Senator […]