After Associated Press nominated Hillary Clinton, Maine Democrat Party chair safe to endorse her

The Democratic Party has been undergoing a heated primary for months now between establishment favorite Hillary Clinton and grassroots favorite United States Senator Bernie Sanders. Beyond the standard tug-of-war between the top and the bottom of a party power structure, there has been a battle over superdelegates. In the Democratic Party, the superdelegates a special group of people who are automatically given votes and are essentially elevated above regular Democrats.

Many superdelegates have issued endorsements, predictably, for establishment favorite Hillary Clinton. Others have endorsed Bernie Sanders, like Troy Jackson did when he sided with the overwhelming selection made by Maine Democrats art the caucuses.

Then there are people like Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett who remained neutral.

Nobody can knock Bartlett for remaining neutral. As a party leader, it’s important he appear impartial and allow the body he leads to allow their voices to be heard. It appeared all along, Chairman Bartlett was performing a selfless service to the Maine Democratic Party.

Until now.

Politico recently ran an article titled “Undeclared Democratic Party chairs begin migration to Clinton“, which discussed Chairs who are now selling out to Clinton. Among those is Maine Democratic Party chair, Phil Bartlett.

From the Politico article:

“Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett is backing the former secretary as well, he confirmed on Friday. In an interview with POLITICO, Bartlett said he was now fully supporting Clinton because it’s clear she’s going to be the Democratic nominee for president.

The problem is that it’s not clear that the Democratic Party as a whole is prepared to make Hillary Clinton the presidential nominee. Prior to the Associated Press calling the race, it was still up in the air. The Associated Press called the race on a night when nobody voted, based on a survey of superdelegates who have not yet and will not vote for another month.

Essentially what happened was the Associated Press provided cover for Democratic leaders to endorse Hillary Clinton without the supporters of Senator Sanders theoretically having a reason to be upset.

The Associated Press nominated Clinton, right? So Chairman Bartlett and others are safe, right?

It’s disappointing to see Chairman Bartlett sell out the Maine Democratic Party grassroots like this. Not only is he actively going against the majority of his own party members, but he’s doing so because the Associated Press incorrectly reported the nomination contest was over based on a survey.

Chris Dixon

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