Religious group calls for special treatment to stop special treatment by pushing for homosexuality ban

The religious fringe of the political right often mixes up its message on the topic of homosexuality and stopping the LGBT movement. Their claim is that it’s a movement being forced on them and that they shouldn’t have to accept it. Despite never being forced to enter in a gay marriage or get a sex change, they feel as though there is a great push to turn society homosexual. Along the way, they talk about the oppression of their religion and call for special treatment as they decry special treatment for another opposing perspective.

The reality of America is very different.

Heterosexuality is still legal. Men and women can still get together, enter into a marriage, have children and raise them, and otherwise carry on happy private lives. Homosexuals wanting to do the same changes nothing.

Formermembers of the Maine Christian Civic League has announced an initiative to take freedom and take three steps backwards
. Instead of either getting the government out of things like marriage, the organization is pushing to make government bigger by using it against a specific group. For many in the LGBT community, there isn’t some dark conspiracy to turn the planet gay, they just want to live their lives happily. We’re only on this Earth for a short time in history, why live it according to the views and perspectives of another?

If God disagrees, this is something people will answer for when their time comes. It’s not the place of imperfect human beings to oppress fellow human beings purely because they don’t commit the same sins.

The individuals behind the initiative further takes issue with public displays of affection by those in the LGBT community. Why stop the holier than thou movement there? Let’s ban all public displays of affection. Gays aren’t the only ones kissing and holding hands in public, heterosexual couples have public displays all the time. Many of them even post selfies of their public displays across social media and commit even scarier things without being married.

Where is the outrage?

It’s hypocritical, and it’s things like these that discredit the legitimate message of Christianity. Many Christians may disagree with the act, which the Bible describes as a sin, but there won’t be a display of hate. Many churches aim to be a pillar in the community, presenting a message of good will and outreach. By being a beacon of light, it attracts people and shows them the meaning of their religion.

Jesus preached peace and love, not hate and big government. These individuals can preach about stopping special treatment, but the only one who is getting special treatment is them by trying to force their religious views on society through the force of big government.

EDIT: Original version of this story stated that leaders behind the initiative involved the Maine Christian Civic League. Story has been updated to reflect to that they are former leaders, not current.

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