Senator Susan Collins considering support for Hillary Clinton for President

Senator Susan Collins has made a name for herself as being unreliable Republican in the United States Senate. An ally for Democrats, she has often not been a friend of conservatives or even party moderates. “Two-term pledge” Susan Collins is also one who cannot be taken for her word either. So it’s entirely not surprising given her recent statements about who to support for President of the United States.

Given that the Republican Party has formally nominated Donald Trump, many Republicans are reluctantly coming around to supporting the bombastic businessman for President. Trump has made a name for himself for speaking his mind and hurting people’s feelings. For this reason, squeamish moderates such as former Governors Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are also running from Trump.

Senator Collins, like Romney and Bush, is weak on the Republican nominee.

To the credit of Romney and Bush, at least they’re not looking at a candidate who was recently described as “extremely careless” by the FBI chief. They’re looking to the Libertarian Party ticket which features two former Republican Governors, left-leaning libertarian Gary Johnson and moderate Bill Weld.

Senator Collins is considering Hillary Clinton.

In a CNN interview from Cleveland, Senator Collins stated that she is not ready to support Donald Trump for President. Instead of indicating she is at least a leader for change and opening up support for third parties, she’s completely open about considering Hillary Clinton.

In the last month, Hillary Clinton has dodged an indictment, but also while being described as “extremely careless” by James Comey for her handling of classified information and sensitive material as Secretary of State. Given Senator Collins is the former Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and currently sits on the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, this is completely disturbing of her to consider.

Does Senator Collins care about United States national security?

All of the criticisms of Donald Trump and his fiery personality aside, he has not been investigated by the FBI and labeled as “extremely careless” after the investigation concluded. He hasn’t been caught in a controversy for mishandling classified files or sensitive information that could endanger national security if it ever landed in the wrong hands.

Unfortunately for Maine and the rest of America, Senator Collins is a weak United States Senator and a reliable ally of the Democratic Party. With questions of her own party’s nominee, instead of looking elsewhere, she openly states she is considering aiding the Democratic Party’s candidate.

Is this what Republicans support? Will they continue to support Senator Susan Collins, a possible Hillary Clinton supporter?

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