Silence from Maine Democratic Party after WikiLeaks exposes DNC bias against Sanders, attacks on Legislator

The Maine Democratic Party has showed a serious talent for not focusing on actual issues. Instead of focusing on things like Associated Press-nominated candidate Hillary Clinton being shown to be “extremely careless” with classified information relating to national security, they’re worried about Congressman Bruce Poliquin being stalked with gotcha questions about Republican nominee Donald Trump. When WikiLeaks exposes the Democratic National Committee’s overt bias in the presidential primary, they remain silent. Time and time again, there has been a lack of leadership by Maine Democrats when it comes to defending their own.

A few months ago, the Maine Democrats first showed their unwillingness to defend their own. Maine State Representative Diane Russell of Portland has made a name for herself leading the battle against superdelegates within the party. Superdelegates have been repeatedly criticized for wrongfully influencing the primary be elevating certain leaders above regular activists. Indeed, the Associated Press called the race based on a survey of these individuals who hadn’t yet voted.

But regardless of how much the Democratic National Committee has attempted to influence this primary with superdelegates, Representative Russell has pushed for change. As a result, she was attacked openly on social media by Democratic National Committee vice chairman Raymond Buckley. In his attacks, he took to her Facebook to belittle her, talk down to her, and essentially shame her for standing up for grassroots Democrats.

Silence from Chairman Phil Bartlett and the rest of the Maine Democratic Party.

Now WikiLeaks has released thousands of e-mails between top party officials, exposing a number of concerning issues. Among them was Politico’s Ken Vogel seeking approval from the DNC instead of his own editors for articles and numerous points relating to the Democratic primary.

Democrat and Representative Russell supporter Steven Biel posted a screenshot from the WikiLeaks files showing party leaders speaking ill of the Portland legislator’s attempts to stand up for grassroots Democrats.

The Maine Democrats have again remained silent as their own legislator is attacked.

It has also been revealed through the WikiLeaks e-mail files that the Democratic National Committee was secretly working against Senator Bernie Sanders during the primary. It also shows that Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was referring to Senator Sanders’ campaign officials with vulgar and hateful terms.

Not only does this illustrate that there was clear bias on part of the Democratic Party leadership, but they also had a very disrespectful view of the candidate and campaign opposing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Perhaps more disturbing and revealing is the continued silence by the Maine Democratic Party and their officials.

Does the Maine Democratic Party really not care about their grassroots activists and legislators? That’s the message being conveyed by their continued silence.

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