Will Maine Republicans unite around Donald Trump?

The tumultuous Republican Party has finally come to a close and the party has their candidate. Instead of being the long speculated former Florida Governor Jeb Bush or rising favorite Senator Marco Rubio, it is businessman Donald Trump. Trump has established himself as a controversial figure in American politics, unafraid to speak his mind and refusing to stop at the boundaries of political correctness. It has negatively impacted himself in some ways, by drawing bad media attention and sharp attacks from even his own party.

But his willingness to shoot straight and hold firm has attracted many on the right. Maine Republicans, once divided between Trump and his primary opponent Senator Ted Cruz, are now coming together.

Trump will be in Portland and all eyes are on Republicans. Given he is not a watered down moderate like previous nominees, some Republican leaders are less than eager to support him. These officials are walking a fine line between the party establishment and the right wing base.

Fellow Bangor Daily News blogger Mike Tipping recently discussed Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s support of Trump. Congressman Poliquin has largely been silent and neutral on the issue publicly, but apparently more open privately.

For Republicans though, they seem to largely want an outsider. This is the point of Androscoggin County Republican Vice Chairman Jason Greene, who also was quoted in Tipping’s piece. In response to the issue of Congressman Poliquin’s Trump support, the Vice Chairman noted “78.5% of Maine Republicans who participated in the caucuses voted for an ‘outsider’ candidate. Bruce is getting bad advice if he thinks avoiding Trump—which reinforces the notion that he is cozying up to Paul Ryan—will help him.”

This election cycle is enormous for Republicans, not just for the Presidency, but also Congress as well. Can Congressman Poliquin hold onto his spot?

“When you look at other issues like Hillary Clinton pushing for more pointless wars in the Middle East and the fact that Wall Street and the Big Banks are supporting her, it becomes even clearer: Bruce should be hammering Emily Cain with the Trump agenda,” Vice Chairman Greene observes regarding the Second District congressional race. “I hope he starts soon. Maine Democrats and their assets in the media are scared he might, which is why they push the false narrative that Bruce embracing Trump would be toxic.”

It’s for this issue that Emily Cain lost in the last election to Congressman Poliquin. She supports endless wars, big money, and corrupt politicians who have to literally steal primaries from their opponents. Alternatively, Congressman Poliquin has shown a willingness to not be a party cheerleader like his opponent, putting Mainers before politics.

This is highlighted by his focus on issues facing Maine, instead of the presidential race. But it may be time to speak up and hammer the Democrats.

“Bruce has demonstrated independence and enjoyed success both with his opposition to TPP/ObamaTrade (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and his support for protecting Maine-made products,” adds Vice Chairman Jason Greene. “He should be embracing the rest of the Trump agenda, like scrapping the Clinton-backed NAFTA that has closed most of the mills up here.”

Maine Republicans are embracing the message of Trump and seem to be paying less focus to the approach some deem offensive. Like Emily Cain, Hillary Clinton must be stopped and unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is finding unity. With the activists coming together, it’s only a matter of time before party leaders, like Congressman Bruce Poliquin, openly joining the Trump Train as well.

United, Republicans have given Maine Paul LePage twice as Governor and Bruce Poliquin as Congressman. Can they give Maine to Donald Trump?

Chris Dixon

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