For Maine Republicans, it’s either Governor LePage or the future

Paul LePage’s time as Governor of Maine is going to be looked back on as a mix of good and the bad. Conservatives can celebrate gains made with some decreases in government, combating welfare fraud, and having a no-nonsense Governor to lead the battle. Liberals look back on the time with hostility and upset due to perceived racism.

Regular Mainers and non-political Ameircans abroad see Maine right now and how the media portrays us. We’ve elected a man twice who lacks basic tact, respect or civility. While many conservatives could chalk up many past comments as telling it like it is, the voicemail against Representative Drew Gattine could have been the final straw.

For Republicans, this is probably the worst possible time for Governor LePage’s worst meltdown. We’re in the middle of a heated election cycle that already is troubling for Republicans. As the Republican Party struggles to defend it’s brand from top to bottom, Donald Trump’s nomination is making it difficult. Like Governor LePage, Trump is uncensored and often excessively.

Many Republicans down ballot have sought to distance themselves from the controversial personality, but in Maine, that is complicated. On top of the Trump question, Republicans are faced with the Governor LePage question.

What do we do with the Governor?

Governor LePage’s tenure has had some good and some bad, but the recent comments are overshadow everything. If Republicans stand by and allow the Governor to just get off with just a slap on the wrist, it could significantly hurt Republicans who allowed him to get off the hook.

Sugarcoating and political correctness are really killing the honesty of American discourse because everyone is too afraid of hurting the fragile feelings of people seeking safe spaces. But there is still a line of civility and respect that shouldn’t be crossed. Governor LePage crossed it.

What happens now? If Republicans are to escape November without heavy losses, Governor LePage needs to move on with his life. Whether it be resignation or impeachment, the Republican Party has to realize what political implications there are for protecting him after the recent comments.

What will be the Republican Party’s next move?

Chris Dixon

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