Monthly Archives: January 2017

Senator Angus King sides with neoconservatives against Chelsea Manning commutation

For a few years now, the debate over leaking secrets has been heavy in American politics. It first began with the actions of an Army Private First Class by the name of Bradley Manning, who leaked classified information and video footage exposing potential war crimes. Manning’s capture led to treatment that was labeled as torture […]

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree playing partisan politics by skipping inauguration

Despite many complaints of partisan gridlock and obstructionist tactics because of Republicans, Democrats are now preparing to play roadblock to the Republican Party. Armed with hyperbole and extreme rhetoric, they are escalating tensions as the opposing party prepares to inherit the White House. Up until tonight, the question remained as to whether Congresswoman Chellie Pingree […]

How the gender name change debate dehumanizes Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning and Private First Class in the United States Army, has been serving a prison sentence for leaking various materials to Wikileaks. Among the leaks were classified communications and a video that exposed potential war crimes in Iraq. From the start of the leak saga, then-Bradley Manning was subject to intense […]

Why it’s wrong to punish L.L. Bean over Linda Bean’s personal political views

We live inĀ emotional times in the United States of America. We’re just days away from President-elect Donald Trump inheriting the country and many who opposed him fear the end of life as we know it. Political rhetoric is escalating as partisanship grows sharper, with fears that a man who targeted the media and is hostile […]