Congresswoman Chellie Pingree playing partisan politics by skipping inauguration

Despite many complaints of partisan gridlock and obstructionist tactics because of Republicans, Democrats are now preparing to play roadblock to the Republican Party. Armed with hyperbole and extreme rhetoric, they are escalating tensions as the opposing party prepares to inherit the White House.

Up until tonight, the question remained as to whether Congresswoman Chellie Pingree would attend the inauguration as a show of support for a peaceful transition.

Instead of doing so though, Congresswoman Pingree has opted for partisan politics in joining a growing group of colleagues clinging to negativity and vitriolic rhetoric.

The major complaint from Democrats recently relates to the feud between President-elect Donald Trump and Congressman John Lewis. Many Democrats maintain that the President-elect should have never attacked the Congressman, who also is a famous Civil Rights icon known for fighting for equality alongside individuals like Martin Luther King Jr.

Does the background in the Civil Rights Movement exempt Congressman Lewis from any criticism?

To start, the bitter feud began with the Democratic Congressman. Had he not opened his mouth, this heated exchange may not be in progress. Considering tensions are already high between the major political parties, this is the last thing anyone needed.

Does Congresswoman Pingree share Congressman Lewis’s claim that President-elect Trump is an illegitimate President?

Whether one believes that the Russian government directly tampered with the vote tally or otherwise interfered with our presidential election, there is no gain in declaring the incoming President “illegitimate.”

The election is behind us, it’s time for the country to move forward. If the President indeed proves to be a Russian plant or commits a high crime, there is an impeachment process that both Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Lewis can utilize, as well as the remainder of Congress.

Until then, both federal legislators should show respect by attending the inauguration. Our country needs cooling of the tensions going forward. If we are indeed facing interference from other countries such as Russia, it’s even more important that we not be breaking down relations over name-calling and petty politics.

It was wrong of Congressman Lewis to say the things he did. It is wrong for Congresswoman Pingree to skip the inauguration. It’s time for everyone in government to grow up and move forward with our country.

Chris Dixon

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